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  • School of Arts and Sciences
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  • Mechanisms of Genome Stabilization
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    • Introductory Biology
    • Cell Physiology
    • Methods in Biological Research
    • Molecular Genetics
    • Cell Biology
    • Comparative Animal Physiology
    • Biochemistry
    • Histology

    Research Interests


    We combine computer programming, big data, biology, and statistics to understand and identify patterns in biological data. We studied the correlation among human clinical physiological data (e.g., adiposity indicators, insulin resistance indicator, lipid profile, hormones, and inflammation indicator) related to our biological research topic (metabolic health conditions) and human gut microbiota data, which were obtained from DNA sequencing, HuMiChip, and qPCR analyses. The essential technical skills we used included storing and managing large datasets, familiarity with the Linux server, programming languages (e.g., R and Python), developing algorithms, DNA/RNA sequencing analysis, various statistical analyses, and creating data visualizations for use in reports.