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    XXV Phage/Virus Assembly Conference (PVA 2017)

    Research Interests

    DNA Packaging in Bacteriophage T4: Organized packing of nucleic acids in biological systems is a fascinating phenomenon. We use bacteriophage T4 as a model system to elucidate the mechanism of DNA packaging in double stranded DNA containing icosahedral viruses. DNA packaging occurs by translocation of DNA into a preformed capsid shell and its packing into a nearly crystalline structure. We employ a combination of molecular genetics, biochemistry, and bioinformatics approaches to elucidate the mechanisms of DNA packaging. 

    A complex packaging machine assembled at the unique portal vertex of the prohead drives DNA translocation utilizing ATP hydrolysis as the energy source. We have been characterizing the biochemical functions of the principal components of this molecular machine; the motor (gp17), the regulator (gp16), and the portal (gp20). 

    In collaboration with late Prof. Michael Rossmann's lab at the Purdue University, the X-ray and/or cryo-EM structures of essentially all the packaging machine components including the entire virus capsid have been determined.

    In collaboration with Dr. Douglas Smith's lab at University of California San Diego, Dr. Yann Chemla’s lab at University of Illinois, and Dr. Taekjip Ha’s lab at Johns Hopkins University, the dynamics of packaging, mechanisms of DNA translocation, and motor coordination are investigated at single molecule level using dual optical tweezers and Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence microscopy.

    Bacteriophage T4 for Vaccine Development and Genetic Therapeutics: We have developed novel phage T4 platforms to deliver vaccine antigens and therapeutic genes into human cells. The platform uses the outer capsid proteins Hoc (highly antigenic outer capsid protein) and Soc (small outer capsid protein) as adapters to decorate phage capsid with pathogen antigens, and CRISPR engineering to incorporate therapeutic genes into phage genome.


    A dual vaccine has been designed that confers complete protection against both anthrax and plague in animal models. Recently, a T4-COVID vaccine has been designed that confers full protection against SARS CoV-2 infection in the mouse model. 

    Research Funding

    Our research is funded by the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health. 


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