The Washington, D.C., area abounds with opportunities for scientific research. Government institutions include the National Institutes of Health, Walter Reed Army Institute for Research, Food and Drug Administration, and the Environmental Protection Agency, just to name a few.

Washington also is a "hotbed" for biotechnology research. Numerous biotechnology companies, including Celera, The JC Venter Institute, and Human Genome Sciences, are located in the area and provide a variety of employment opportunities. In addition to internships, part-time jobs are available to students during the academic year and full-time positions are available during the summer.

Washington 101 Class

Washington 101: Getting to Know D.C.

In this unique course, students learn about their “college town” as a symbolic city (the design and meaning of its buildings, monuments, and museums), a political city (the behavior of national and local policymakers), and a living city (the city’s economy, neighborhoods, culture, and population).

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