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Biology majors do participate in Catholic University programs in other countries. Given the full, four-year, Biology curriculum that builds from semester to semester, however, study abroad requires very careful, advance planning. At this time none of the study abroad programs offers courses that will substitute for required biology courses, and only a few programs offer courses that can be used as biology or science electives. Therefore, participation in study abroad may require that the student obtain some credits through courses taken in the summer, or by over-electing (taking six instead of five courses in a given semester).

Early consultation with your academic advisor is recommended if you wish to include study abroad in your program for graduation. It should be emphasized that Catholic University has specific requirements for participation in study abroad programs that must be met, and that not all applicants may be accepted in a given year.

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Study Abroad

You can study almost anywhere in the world through our Education Abroad program. Every year, more than 350 Catholic University students travel abroad to participate in educational programs on six continents. One of the most popular destinations is Catholic University's new Rome Center.

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