The Catholic University of America offers a unique M.S. in Biotechnology Program that enables biotechnology internships not restricted to just commercial companies, maximal flexibility to students for choosing a program and course of study, and open access to faculty who are fully engaged in both teaching and research in their fields.

The Catholic University of America wants to particularly support women and minorities – two groups traditionally underrepresented in the sciences - with opportunities for careers in biotechnology. Personal mentoring in addition to graduate advisors, presentations by accomplished role models, and opportunities for regular social and professional interactions will be offered to help nurture your career development.


  • Only faculty with earned Ph.D.s teach graduate courses.
  • Faculty are engaged in ongoing cutting-edge research.
  • Faculty maintain close relationships with their students (faculty:student ratios are as low as 1:1).


You have maximal flexibility and can choose:

  • The two-year M.S. Degree in Biotechnology
  • The one-year Certificate Program
  • The five-year combined B.S. degree in Biology and the M.S. degree in Biotechnology
  • The Ph.D. after completion of the M.S. degree in Biotechnology
  • You can enroll as full-time or part-time students.
  • You can create your own program of study by choosing from course selections in both the biology and elective offerings.
  • You will enjoy a highly interdisciplinary program that includes course offerings in biotechnology, clinical science, microbiology, cell biology, biophysics, biochemistry, business, and research.


You will be able to engage in scientific research at biotechnology companies, federal agencies, and research institutions

You will able to engage in policy research at federal, state, and private organizations.

Program Location

The program is located in Washington, D.C., home to major federal agencies, Congress, and major industry and policy organizations.

The program location is close by the State of Maryland, which has the 4th largest core concentration of biotechnology companies in the country.

The program location is close by the State of Virginia, which supports more than 80,000 direct and indirect jobs in the bioscience industry.