Graduate Students in the Department of Biology may obtain financial aid in one of several ways:

Federal Loan Programs

The Catholic University of America participates in the Federal Direct Loan Program for student and parent federal loans. Visit the main Graduate Admission website for more information. Current or past military service of the student or the student's family may allow education benefits through the Veterans Administration or other service organizations related to the Armed services.

Catholic University Scholarships

Doctoral scholarships provide full tuition to qualified incoming doctoral students. They are awarded to applicants who have outstanding undergraduate records and superior aptitude as indicated by excellent GRE scores. University scholarships and Centennial scholarships are for half-tuition.

Departmental Teaching Assistantships

Teaching assistantships, which provide remission of tuition as well as a stipend, are available in the Department of Biology. Excellence in teaching, academic performance, and participation in departmental functions and activities are expected in order to earn and retain teaching assistantships.

External Grants and Awards

Students with competitive GRE scores and undergraduate academic records are encouraged to apply to private organizations as well as agencies of the federal government for academic grants and traineeships (e.g. Howard Hughes Research Institute, National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation, Department of Defense, etc). Such applications are usually prepared in consultation with, and with the blessings of, specific faculty mentors. Many organizations will accept applications prior to initiation of graduate studies or within the first year of graduate work.

Faculty Research Grants

Most faculty members of the Biology Department are Principle Investigators on externally supported grants. Faculty members can, and frequently do, support graduate students through research grants. However, it is unusual for incoming students to find such support immediately.

International Students

US government-funded scholarships, fellowships, and other forms of financial support are restricted to United States citizens or resident aliens. Graduate students who are not citizens are eligible for university-funded aid, department-funded aid, or fellowships from some private organizations such as the Howard Hughes Research Institute. However, such funds are extremely limited.

All foreign students must be prepared to meet the costs of education and living expenses in the US. The university will not issue the Certificate of Eligibility (Form I-20 or, where appropriate, DSP-66) simply on the basis of admission to the Biology Graduate Program. The University will need satisfactory evidence that the student will have adequate financial resources.