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    1. AlSalmi, W., Mahalingam, M., Ananthaswamy, N., Hamlin, C., Flores, D., Gao, G., Rao, V.B. (2015) A New Approach to Produce HIV-1 Envelope Trimers: both cleavage and proper glycosylation are essential to generate authentic trimers. J. Biol. Chem. 290(32):19780-95

    2. Jobe, O., Trinh, H.V., Kim, J., Alsalmi, W., Tovanabutra, S., Ehrenberg, P.K., Peachman, K.K., Gao, G., Thomas, R., Kim, J.H., Michael, N.L., Alving, C.R., Rao, V.B., Rao, M.(2015) Effect of cytokines on Siglec-1 and HIV-1 entry in monocyte-derived macrophages: the importance of HIV-1 envelope V1V2 region. J. Leukoc. Biol. pii: jlb.2A0815-361R.